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The Monarch Effect is dedicated to helping you transform your mind, which will transform your body, and ultimately transform your life - our name and tagline are also our mission statement. Theresa Paganini, the owner and founder, will work with you individually or in small group sessions to help you discover and conquer the conscious and subconscious causes for your weight gain. She  knows from personal experience the mental and emotional challenges of losing weight and keeping it off.  This is why Theresa is so passionate about helping others regain their self confidence, fight obesity, and embrace a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.  Allow Theresa to use her skills, knowledge and experience to help you transform your mind, your body, and your life. 

When you want to lose weight, food can seem like the enemy.  It isn't.  Through The Monarch Effect, you will learn how to buy, cook, and order food for maximum nutrition, enjoyment, and weight loss.  To achieve lifelong health, you must be able to enjoy your food while fueling your body.  Let me teach you how. 
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Exercising has many benefits to the body above and beyond weight loss, but it can often be overwhelming.  On my program, I will develop a customized training program to improve your range of motion, balance, strength, endurance, and body composition.  Let me help you feel and look your best.

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The mind is very powerful.  It will either help or hinder your success.  As a result, I dedicate as much time transforming your mind as I do your body.  I will help you identify mental barriers to achieving your weight loss goals and teach you how to overcome them for lifelong success.  Let me help you retrain your mind in order to to transform your body.

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