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Besides experience with personal training, coaching nutrition and teaching group fitness classes, Theresa also has 15 years of experience with public speaking.  She uses this experience to influence large numbers of people at one time through her workshops.  Theresa is known for being high energy, entertaining, and motivational.  She has a talent for sharing her enthusiasm for her topic with others and making any concept easy to understand.  People will walk out of one of her workshops feeling educated, motivated, and ready to implement the tips and techniques Theresa shares. 

Typical workshop topics include:

  • Calculating your caloric needs and developing a meal plan accordingly
  • Maximizing the three different ways the body burns calories
  • Learning to cook your favorite foods in a healthier way
  • Understanding the metabolism and how you can keep it activated all day long
  • Teaching your children healthy habits
  • Adding nutrition to every meal
  • Developing exercise programs for the three body types
  • Learning ways to reduce sodium in your diet
  • Basic principles for healthy eating in restaurants
  • Maximizing NEAT

If your company or organization is interested in hiring Theresa for a workshop, please call 813-767-7448.  Pricing depends on the size of the audience and the length of the workshop.