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The personalized exercise video is a great option for my remote clients who still want a customized workout created for them without having to travel to Tempe to train.  It is also great for those clients that travel frequently and want a video of their customized exercise program to take with them to complete on the road.

The personalized exercise video allows you to workout from the comfort of your home or preferred gym, while still knowing that the exercises you are performing are the best ones to achieve your goals.  My clients find it extra motivating to hear me talking to them specifically, by name, on their videos. 

How it works:

After an initial consultation, I will develop a customized exercise program for you and video the exercises so you can follow along at home or your own gym.  Because this video is specifically created for you, I will use your name and cue specifically to you as I take you through the workout. 

Emphasis will be placed on proper form, reps, sets, and pacing. 

$50/per video