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The nutrition-only program is a great option for the two opposite sides of the spectrum:

  1. someone who is not yet ready to tackle the exercise component of weight loss and therefore wants to focus solely on their diet
  2. someone who already has a successful exercise regimen and simply needs guidance and coaching on the proper nutrition to go with it

The nutrition-only package offers one-on-one sessions in which we focus specifically on you and your journey, such as:

  • fast weight loss to quickly reduce the medical risks of obesity
  • long-term lifestyle changes for steady and sustainable weight loss
  • improved health and the possible reduction or elimination of current medications
  • an improved relationship with your body and/or food
  • techniques for successfully maintaining weight loss after HCG, bariatrics, or other quick weight loss procedures

We go at your pace and focus on the areas of your journey that are relevant at the time, rather than working off of a set syllabus or the needs of a group.

We meet 1x/week based on your needs.

Included in the nutrition-only package is:

  • Behavioral goal setting
    • Long term, Monthly, Weekly
  • Meal planning
    • Examples of healthy meal plans based on your lifestyle, food preferences, and dietary restrictions.
  • Recipe sharing
    • Weekly recipes to teach you how to eat your favorite foods in a healthier way that is still delicious
  • Accountability
    • Daily review and feedback of food logs for continued education and improvement
  • Education
    • Ideal eating intervals for maximum calorie burn
    • How to put together a nutritious meal or snack that supports your goals
    • How to create weekly meal plans focused on both maximum nutrition  and weight loss
    • How to order at any restaurant
    • How to successfully attend and enjoy social events without sabotaging your goals
    • Sugar's effect on the body
    • Alcohol's effect on the body
    • How to capitalize on the thermogenic effect of food for maximum calorie burn throughout the day
    • How to successfully maintain weight loss or gain
    • How to pair foods to create a complete protein
    • ...and many more!

 $50-80/session (determined by the number of sessions and payment method)