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The food that you eat has a greater impact on your weight and your health than anything else you do.  Because food is so important to your success, I spend a lot of time and attention teaching you when to eat, what to eat, and how to eat for maximum weight loss, nutrition, energy, and enjoyment.

All four of those elements (weight loss, nutrition, energy, and enjoyment) are equally important on my program because I want you to create lifelong eating habits.  It isn't realistic to limit your diet to grilled chicken, steamed vegetables and salad for the rest of your life.  You may be able to do that for a short time, but eventually you will get sick of that and revert back to your old ways.  

Remember, my ultimate goal for you is to feel success, pride, and self-confidence.  Which means we need to create a program that sets you up for success from the start. 

To do that, I will ask you to keep a food log for a week without making any changes to your diet.  This will give me an understanding of what your current eating habits are so I know what initial modifications to suggest.  Then, every two weeks we will make small modifications to what, how and when you eat in order to set you up for success, keep your progress moving forward, and avoid any plateaus.   During that time, you will continue to keep food logs which you will submit daily.  You will receive daily feedback and suggestions to keep you on track and motivated.  Although we will modify your eating plan every two weeks, we will meet weekly to celebrate your successes and discuss any challenges to your success. 

Other elements of my nutrition coaching program include:

Weekly recipes specific to your tastes so you can build your own library of recipes to choose from going forward. 

Education on:

  • how to activate your metabolism upon waking and how to keep it active all day long for maximum calorie burn.
  • how to eat to keep your blood sugar stable to avoid insulin spikes and sugar crashes.
  • how to plan ahead in order to reduce the need for willpower at home, at work, and in social situations.
  • how to cook your favorite foods in healthier ways.
  • how to grocery shop in order to make the healthiest choices, reduce cost, and avoid temptations.

Ultimately, I want to teach you how to make the delicious nutritious so you can
enjoy food
while you fuel your body...for life!

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