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One-on-one sessions offer a customized program specifically for you.

  • We focus specifically on you and your journey, such as:
    • fast weight loss to quickly reduce the medical risks of obesity
    • long-term lifestyle changes for steady and sustainable weight loss
    • increased health and fitness
    • an improved relationship with your body and/or food
    • techniques for successfully maintaining weight loss after HCG, bariatrics, or other quick weight loss procedures
  • We go at your pace and focus on the areas of your journey that are relevant at the time, rather than working off of a set syllabus or the needs of a group.
  • We meet 2-4x/week based on your needs.

Included in the one-on-one sessions are:

  • Behavioral goal setting
    • Long term/Monthly/Weekly
  • Meal planning
    • Examples of healthy meal plans that match your lifestyle, food preferences, and dietary restrictions.
  • Recipe sharing
    • Weekly recipes to teach you how to eat your favorite foods in a healthier way that are still delicious.
  • Exercise training
    • One on one training sessions customized to your fitness level and goals that leave you feeling both challenged and successful.
  • Grocery shopping
    • Based on your meal plans, we will develop a grocery list together so you feel confident you are buying the best foods for success on your journey.
  • Accountability
    • Daily review and feedback of your food and exercise journals
  • Education
    • Ideal eating intervals for maximum calorie burn
    • How to put together a nutritious meal or snack that supports your goals
    • How to order at any restaurant
    • How to successfully attend and enjoy social events without sabotaging your goals
    • Sugar's effect on the body
    • Alcohol's effect on the body
    • How to capitalize on the thermogenic effect of food for maximum calorie burn throughout the day
    • How to successfully maintain weight loss or gain
    • How to determine the proper reps and sets for each exercise based on your desired outcome
    • How to complete exercises correctly to maximize results while avoiding injury
    • How to set up machines properly for your size
    • What exercises produce the best results for your body type and goals

$50-80/session  (determined by the number of sessions and payment method)