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In addition, I will ensure that your program only incorporates the types of activities you enjoy.  If you hate running, then you won't run.  If you love hiking, then we will hit a mountain and incorporate hiking into your program.  You will be an active player in developing your fitness program.  You know your body better than anyone else; you know what works for you and what doesn't.  In our initial consultation, we will discuss your exercise history to learn what we should and should not incorporate into the program I design for you for maximum enjoyment, effectiveness, and safety. 

As with all of my programs at The Monarch Effect, my goal is for you to feel successful and self-confident as you transform your body.  I achieve that goal by providing you with education, inspiration, and motivation.  If you are inexperienced at exercise, I will ensure that by the end of your program you  feel confident in your ability to design your own exercise programs going forward.  You will know the proper form to use with each exercise, how to modify exercises for your body's limitations, how to set up machines, how to decide on the appropriate weight, repetitions and sets to achieve your goals, and how to progress your program safely for maximum results.  If I do my job right, you'll feel confident exercising on your own after the completion of your program.  I want you to value what I can do for you without feeling dependent on me for your success. 

If you are already experienced at exercise but simply need that extra push to get it done, I will provide you with the motivation you need to get moving and keep moving.  Then, through behavioral coaching, I will work with you to develop the intrinsic motivation you need to continue on your own.  I want you to experience the satisfaction of knowing  you can achieve your goal of lifelong health and fitness on your own with or without me.  Once again, I want you to recognize my value without feeling dependent.

In my typical Personal Training program, we will train together for one hour three times per week.  You are more than welcome to purchase more sessions if you are interested in training more often.   All three sessions in a week will be different and yet we will complete the same three workouts two weeks in a row to allow you to experience proficiency before moving on.  By changing the workouts every two weeks, we avoid boredom while ensuring your body continues to progress.  This method of training keeps things fun, challenging, and effective.

Part of my Personal Training program is teaching you how to maximize NEAT in order to burn more calories each day above and beyond what you'll burn with exercise.  NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, and simply means all of the movement you do in a day that is not exercise related, such as walking from the parking lot to the office, pacing while you are on the phone, getting up to get a drink of water, etc.  These everyday movements burn calories and studies have proven that people who move more throughout the day are leaner than people who don't, even when they eat the same amount of calories.  Through behavioral coaching, we'll discuss various ways to add movement into your day that doesn't seem intrusive or taxing and yet helps you feel more energized while you burn more calories.

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Personal Training
Your body is unique.  Its shape, its strengths, its weaknesses, its flexibility, and its endurance are all original to you.  My Personal Training program is dedicated to understanding the uniqueness of your body in order to develop a customized program that will ensure you feel both challenged and successful during each session.