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​​​The Emotional Eaters Transformation Series

The next series starts January, 2017

The Emotional Eaters Transformation Series is a group program designed to encourage dialogue, camaraderie, support, and shared successes for men and women that struggle with emotional eating.  This series is focused specifically on:

  • emotional eating
  • triggers
  • binge eating
  • loss of hope
  • self-defeating tendencies
  • self-hatred and disgust
  • all-or-nothing mentality

The Emotional Eaters Transformation Series is based on a workbook developed by founder and fellow emotional eater, Theresa Paganini.  The workbook is 15 chapters long and is filled with topics and activities specifically geared towards the various mental, emotional, and behavioral challenges emotional eaters struggle with. 

How the series works:

  • There will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants in each series.
  • Each week, participants receive a chapter from Theresa's workbook to read and complete.  
  • The following week, participants meet in a supportive environment to discuss their experience with that chapter.  Some chapters are more involved than others, so additional weeks may be dedicated to the same activities before moving on to the next chapter, if needed.
  • If a participant needs additional support or assistance with a chapter, they can choose to work with Theresa privately, otherwise the entire series is meant to be completed in a supportive group environment. 
  • The series is complete when the participants have successfully worked through the 15 chapter workbook.  This timeframe could vary based on the needs of the group.
  • Cost: $10 per meeting

Chapter topics:

  1. 9 Components of long-term success
  2. Where are you on the spectrum (evaluate where you currently are with each component)
  3. Willingness to change
  4. Mindfulness
  5. ​Feeling emotions
  6. Put food in its place
  7. Balance accountability with self-compassion
  8. Acknowledge successes
  9. Live in the gray
  10. Triggers
  11. Reduce the stress in your life
  12. Support System
  13. Self-worth
  14. Focus outward
  15. Putting it all together

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